Loving the Strong Body God Gave You

Loving the Strong Body God Gave You

Women in today’s society are constantly subjected to the messages that skinny is what’s pretty, the less you eat the better, and cardio is the best form of exercise to get the body you want. These messages mess with our self-image and ability to love our bodies well, because we constantly feel inadequate.

In hopes to change the message, “Strong is the New Skinny” became a slogan for a bit. Women began to embrace their strength, but after a short burst of freedom, a majority of women fell back into the “skinny mindset”. Trying to break patterns and change beliefs is challenging, especially when it’s the message you’re raised on.

I don’t believe that the only way to have a body you love is to do cardio every day and eat like a rabbit.

I believe that God created you and me to be strong women who embrace our uniqueness and love our bodies well, no matter how they look on the outside.

Loving your body well means something different to every woman. Some women truly enjoy running or yoga or lifting weights, and they use each activity to care for their body. I used to run a lot. I trained for half marathons and marathons, and cardio was my jam. While I enjoyed running, I was constantly worried that if I missed a run I would gain weight. Not kidding. If I was sick or too busy to run, I would stress about missing the workout and eat less to make sure I didn’t gain weight.

My entire mindset changed when I embraced strength training and started Stronger Bodies. My friend Morgan created Stronger Bodies, because she was in the same rut as me. Morgan is an Ironman champion and worked out for hours daily to achieve that goal. She did cardio daily but when it came down to it, she felt lost and unhappy with the body she had.


For some people, the problem with only doing cardio is the mindset of “running off calories” or trying to “burn away fat”. It’s a mindset that focuses on what we don’t like about ourselves.

I love lifting weights, because it focuses my mind on my strengths and what my body is capable of doing.

I’m not focused on miles ran or calories burned, but on loving the strong body God gave me.

Stronger Bodies has inspired hundreds of women to find freedom in fitness and learn to love their bodies. Because the truth is, you are stronger than you think you are. Morgan has empowered women to embrace the body God gave them by challenging their bodies and finding their inner strength.

Not convinced?

Imagine this… starting a fitness program in week one and squatting 105 pounds. And just a month and a half later squatting 200 pounds. What woman wouldn’t feel strong and love what their body can do after doing that?

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