Setting a Body Positive Example for Young Girls

Setting A Positive Body Image Example

A few weeks ago, I heard a story about a young girl with her mom in the locker room of a fitness center. When the little girl walked past the scale, she jumped on and waited for her mom to tell her what it read. As her mom came over to look at the number, she said, “Mommy, what’s my magic number?” Her mom told her, “35! 35 is your magic number today!”.

Imagine if every girl grew up believing that the number on the scale was her magic number. What if, instead of feeling shame about the number, every girl and women felt proud about it?


 In the society young girls grow up in today, setting a body positive example is hard to do. Expectations of how girls should look are plastered on billboards and tv screens. We live in a culture that values looks over heart, and skinniness over strength. Young girls are bombarded with lies telling them their worth is found in their appearance, causing insecurity, inadequacy, and anxiety.


It’s really hard to truly own that your worth is found in Christ when there are so many voices telling you that worth is found in appearance.


As someone who struggled with that for SO LONG, it’s my heart that young girls never have to deal with the shame and anxiety that I once felt. I never want my little sister to feel unworthy or inadequate, because she is a beautiful creation of God.


setting a body positive example for young girls means practicing body acceptance, encouraging healthy behaviors, and loving your own body well.

 Every body is unique and little girls need to know that they are beautiful no matter what their body looks like. Their body is unique and perfect, because it was created in the image of God. Part of loving your body and having positive body image is practicing healthy behaviors to care for it. Modeling a healthy, balanced lifestyle for young girls encourages them to do the same. I remember the day my little sister asked me to show her how to workout and help her to eat more veggies, because she saw me doing those things constantly. I didn’t force it on her by telling her she had to exercise and eat healthy, but I let my example influence her to want to care for her body.

Young girls need examples of strong women who love and care for their bodies well to help encourage them to have a positive body image.

Setting a Body Postivie Example