3 Things to Clean Out of Your Closet

clean out of your closet


I have a pair of black shorts that I absolutely love, but they are a size 0 and squeezing into them is getting harder and harder to do. They used to be high-waisted and super flattering, and now, needless to say, they aren’t either of those things.

But I have held onto them for a few years, because a little part of me hopes that someday I will be able to rock them again… 

And that isn’t healthy.

That little part of me that wishes I could wear those tiny shorts of me, also wishes that my current body would slim down. While most of me loves the body I am in, that little part sees something that could change.

We all have something we’re holding onto, just in case it happens to fit us again. If by some miracle I lose 10+ pounds and a few pant sizes, then maybe I will be able to squeeze into those shorts again. But the reality is, that wouldn’t be healthy – physically or mentally. So in the goodwill pile those shorts, and all the other pieces of clothing that tug in weird places, go!


I have a dress in my closet from my freshman year of high school. That means that dress has been in my closet for 8 years! I have worn that dress more times than I can count, but it’s starting to look worn out.

We all have our favorite clothes, the ones we tend to put on if they’re hanging in our closet.

They feel comfortable and they’re reliable,

because we have worn them again and again and they still fit well.

While those items have served us well, it is time to move on. Moving on, in life and in our wardrobes, can be challenging. Change is hard. Getting rid a dress that fits like a glove, doesn’t mean I will never again own a dress that fits so well. It just means that I am letting go of the past, to embrace the future.


Back in high school, my friends and I would go on trips to the mall. When we were there, we would try on all sorts of crazy clothes. Somehow I would end up going home with one or more items I 1. Didn’t need and 2. Didn’t really want.

Those clothes would then hang in my closet, never to be touched.

Items that you’ve bought because someone else told you that you looked good in them, but they were never very comfortable, need to be cleaned out. Items that you bought because you thought they were cute and trendy, but in reality you didn’t even like them, need to be thrown out.


Your closet should be filled with clothes that reflect

you and your unique personality.

It should also be filled with clothes that fit

you well and are comfortable.